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Finding solutions… discovering new paths

Finding solutions…
         discovering new paths

Olaf T. Schubert
    Life-Coaching and 
Psychological Counseling

Welcome, and how nice that you are here – so you have already taken the first and most important step! You feel an urge for change? You are looking for fulfillment and a deeper meaning in your life? You are longing for balance, more energy, inner calmness? „There must be more to it!“ „What do I actually want to do with my life?“ „I do have certain desires and goals, but how can I achieve them?“ „There just aren’t enough hours in the day!“

With my work, I would like to help you get a grip on your life (again), and shape it so that you can live it self-determined, with inner peace and centering, consciously, calmly, and let’s not forget:  joyfully. I’ll support you in discovering new perspectives, in finding the right path for you, and in finding satisfying solutions, be it with a tricky decision, or in coping with a difficult situation in life.

We humans strive consciously or unconsciously for a harmonious unity of mind, body, energy and soul, and an integral oneness with our environment. And so I have also made the experience that a holistic approach is often more successful for satisfying and lasting success. It can be helpful to analyze a problem, to understand its origins, to recognize motivations and needs – in short: to recognize why you are how you are today. At the same time, however, it is only in the here and now and looking forward that you can overcome your difficulties, solve problems, continue on or find your path, and move forward in life. And so a large part of my work is also dedicated to the discovery, development and practical experience of new possibilities, methods and resources – breathing exercises, meditations, mindfulness and even body exercises are incorporated as needed.

Olaf Schubert engl

The core areas of my work for you:

Life-Coaching / Personal Development

Life-Coaching / Personal Development

In a holistic view, a human being is an inseparable unity of mind, body, energy & soul – forming an integral unit within and with the environment. We want to be integrally in Life-Balance in all aspects of our lives, not chasing a dualistic Work-Life-Balance. 

„What do I need to be happy?“ „Why am I here?“ „What do I want to accomplish in my life?“ „Where do I see myself in 5/10/20 years?“ „I want to develop myself further, learn new things, but how – the day has only 24 hours after all?“ These and similar questions… don’t we all have them floating around somewhere inside us? 

In developing new perspectives and finding a path that is right for you, we will use various proven methods and integral approaches. But of course I don’t have the answers for you – but will help you find the ones that are right for you. 

Besides the big goals, directions and a sense of purpose in our lives, we also need effective methods and tools to deal with the daily small and big challenges… which we will also work on as needed…

Coping with difficult Life Situations, Crisis Management, Solution Finding

Coping with difficult Life Situations, Crisis Management, Solution Finding

Sometimes we find ourselves in a life situation where it can be helpful to seek outside help. Be it a job loss or a new career move, a move to another city or even another country, a separation, an accident or a serious illness, or changes in our society – due to Corona and other reasons…. 

In psychological counseling I support you in coping with difficult situations – using your own abilities, or by developing new possibilities. Sometimes it is difficult to make an upcoming decision, whether private or professional… Or you have already decided for the umpteenth time to change a behavior that bothers you, but your perseverance seems to wean rapidly… Here, too, I will be at your side to clarify and support you. 

A change can also be a chance – but hidden by a veil of fears, worries and emotions we often can’t see it ourselves without help from the outside. A more holistic approach can clarify, make new paths recognizable, and help to emerge from a crisis strengthened and with new courage and zest for life – and thus find again to a self-determined life in balance and joy.

Learning helpful Methods and Exercises for Awareness, Center, Relaxation, Inner Calm

Learning helpful Methods and Exercises for Awareness, Center, Relaxation, Inner Calm

Does this sound familiar? Constantly brooding about yesterday and tomorrow – perceiving and doing in the here and now disconnected from it, habitual patterns running, a life on „autopilot“? Frequent mistakes and accidents, communication hiccups, an incongruence between doing, feeling and thinking, and a constant inner tension? 

If the pressure of everyday situations at work or in your family begins to weigh you down, and your existing methods of healthy coping are no longer sufficient, a creeping escape into an unhealthy lifestyle often takes place – which leads to your energy being excessively consumed and your inner balance being disturbed. 

But it does not have to come to that! I will help you find and practice methods for more appropriate coping – ideally as a preventative measure before things get out of hand…. You will learn various proven methods, exercises and strategies that can be well integrated into everyday life and help you to be more aware of what is and what you are doing. Relaxation exercises, meditation and breathing methods will help you build your capacity to maintain your centered inner calm in difficult situations…. 

Workshop - Mindfulness, Centeredness, Oneness

Workshop - Mindfulness, Centeredness, Oneness

As human beings we are an inseparable unity of mind, body, energy & soul and form an integral unit with our environment. However, most of the time we do not live accordingly… a constant stream of thoughts, a veil of desires, worries and ideas often make us live as if we were separate, within ourselves and from our environment. This makes us feel uncomfortable, creates imbalance, inefficiency in our actions, and constant inner tension. 

In this workshop, we will practice various methods of meditation and breathing in a group, and learn to rediscover our natural oneness. Practicing with a partner helps immensely, as he/she can be a direct mirror of our state. Various physical Ki exercises as well as Ki tests according to K. Tohei make our unity experienceable, even verifiable. Philosophies and concepts alone are not of much use if they are not embodied, integrated, lived. 

Individual questions can be asked (as long as they do not seem too intimate for the individual)… one is often surprised how the questions of others are also of interest for ourselves…

Next workshop: to be announced

Full Year - Coaching Program

Full Year - Coaching Program

In a very limited number (maximum 3 places per year) I offer a yearly coaching program at a greatly reduced price compared to individual consulting sessions: individually tailored to you, we work together on your goals, find new perspectives, discover new paths, and work on implementing them in your life permanently. Major changes take time and often cannot be realized in a few weeks. 

You will also learn new methods and skills, especially for the prevention of stress and burnout, and for the holistic and healthy handling of the small and big challenges of daily life. Meditation and breathing methods, body exercises, methods for time planning, decision making, etc. as needed – a toolkit put together for you personally for a more balanced life. 

The program includes 25 coaching sessions of 1.5 hours each in a 2 to 3 – week rhythm over 12 months (with consideration of holidays/vacations), for the time between the sessions exercises and tasks for home, as well as support for questions by phone or email. 

Cost: 25 sessions spread over 12 months, including „homework“ and ongoing support, for a flat rate of 990 Euros. 
At your location for 1390 Euro (incl. travel costs in the Rhine-Main area).

The next steps – Contact

If you now want to find out how our work together could look like, then please contact me simply by phone (0176-30730607) or by email ( to coordinate a first appointment. 

The first consulting/coaching appointment here at our „Center for Holistic Development“ is for us to get to know each other and to find out why you are here. You will get a first insight into my way of working, and we will see and agree how we want to proceed together. This initial session lasts about 60-90 minutes.

The regular follow-up sessions last 60 minutes. Duration, frequency and number of sessions depend on your aims and goals and your personal situation, and will be individually agreed upon as part of your personal consulting contract. If needed and possible, our further counseling appointments can also take place online via WhatsApp video, Zoom or Skype – however, practical exercises can usually not be taught online. But by arrangement I can also come to your company or home (in the Rhine-Main area), provided a suitable space is available. Also between the appointments I am available during office hours by phone or email for questions – which may arise e.g. during the implementation of the „homework“. 

Office (phone/email): Monday-Friday 9am-6pm
Possible counseling hours: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9am-6pm, Tuesday 11am-8pm, Thursday 9am-8pm, Saturday 10am-3pm.

Cost and billing for individual counseling & coaching

The first appointment costs 70 euros, and is paid in cash against receipt at the end. 

Subsequent sessions cost 80 euros each for 60 minutes, here at the center or online. At your location, the 60-minute session costs 100 euros (including travel).

Each session is settled in cash at the end (against receipt), but other payment arrangements can be made. If you are unable to attend an appointment, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance, or I will unfortunately still have to charge you in full for the session. At the end of the entire counseling, you are welcome to receive a summarized invoice for all sessions. Of course, the counseling relationship can also be terminated prematurely after only a few sessions if the goal has already been achieved earlier, or if you want to end the counseling prematurely for other reasons. 


(Psychological) counseling and coaching is about helping in difficult life situations, supporting the clarification and change of problematic thought patterns, feelings and behaviors, and finding solutions and new ways – and not about therapy or treatment of psychological or physical disorders or diseases. I do not use any procedures for healing and do not make any promises of healing – the results of counseling and coaching are always individual and differ from person to person. The costs for counseling and coaching are not covered by health insurance. However, sometimes expenses for various counselings, trainings or coaching are tax deductible – please clarify this with your tax advisor.


Olaf Schubert engl

It is a matter of the heart for me to support people in living their lives in a balanced, meaningful way, and in harmony with their environment. Several drastic private (and later professional) changes in my own life have let me very early on the search for my life’s meaning and my dreams and goals. Since the age of 9, I have been involved with Japanese Budo and life arts, and thus came into contact with different concepts and methods that have been tried and tested for centuries. Introduced to regular Zen meditation in 1995, from the 2000s on I was intensively involved with the teachings of Ken Wilber, Eckhart Tolle, Mooji and others. Above all, I am deeply indebted and grateful to my long-time Ki-Aikido teacher and master Christopher Curtis.

It was clear to me early on that I wanted to be there for others when I grew up. I helped others in tutoring sessions as a child, was an assistant coach at our local chess club at 14, taught Judo-Selfdefense at 18, and began teaching Aikido as an assistant instructor at 27. I have been running my own school of Ki-Aikido for over 20 years now, where I have been able to help many people on their path of personal development. However, not everyone wants to deal with a Japanese art. Therefore, and in order to be able to respond even more individually to the problems and needs of the individual, I finally made an intensive training as a psychological counselor and coach, and then opened, together with my colleague Melanie Ungar, the counseling & coaching practice „Center for Holistic Development Rodgau“. 

  • Born 1970, married, one grown-up daughter
  • Psychological Counselor and Coach (VFP)
  • Counseling in German or English
  • Regular trainings and seminars for my own further development
  • Training in Person-Centered Therapy acc. to C. Rogers, Systemic Methods, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Paracelsus School Frankfurt)
  • Intensive studies of 1,5 years to become a Psychological Counselor (Paracelsus School Frankfurt) with passed examination of the association VFP
  • Teacher for Ki-Aikido, since 20 years in own school: Ki-Aikido as a method of peaceful conflict resolution, meditation, breathing methods, Ki development, Kiatsu (Associate Lecturer – Ki Society Japan, 5th Dan Ki-Aikido)
  • 15 years of experience in financial management/controlling in an American  international Corporation
  • Diploma in Business Administration (FH)
  • International experience: 2 years USA, 1/2 year England, annual trips to Japan
Olaf Schubert engl
Olaf Schubert engl